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Long-term and Effective Remedial Solutions for Buildings in Hunter Valley

Defects in buildings can arise due to deficiencies in material, workmanship, design or specifications. Patent defects are the ones which can be detected by a proper inspection while latent defects cannot be detected by inspection but become apparent after a few years. Remedial building services seek to rectify the latent and patent defects and improve the health of the building. This is a specialised field and only a highly skilled and experienced remedial building company should be entrusted with such tasks.

Structial Building Private Limited is a leading provider of the best Remedial Work Hunter Valley. We offer a number of world class remedial solutions for a number of building defects related to foundation, concrete, cladding, waterproofing, structural integrity and more. In addition, we also install and upgrade building fire safety systems.

Structural Strengthening and Waterproofing

Structial offers remedial works for buildings which have structurally weakened due to weather/poor workmanship/bad material/weather/age or need structural upgrades due to change of purpose. We restore or augment the structural strength of a building through various methods such as installing structural steel strengthening systems, application of carbon fibre laminates, fabric and rods, repair or replacement of brickwork and blockwork structures, use of pile wrapping encasement systems and more.

Waterproofing systems are installed on a number of structures such as internal wet areas, septic tanks, retaining walls and car parks. We are proficient in installing multiple kinds of waterproofing systems including sheet membranes, liquid-applied membranes, torch-on membranes and spray-applied polyurea’s.

Foundation and Concrete repairs

Structial provides comprehensive Remedial Work Hunter Valley for damaged and unstable foundations. There are multiple signs of foundation problems such as uneven or bulging floors, cracked walls, cracked floors, misalignment of doors and windows and more. We carry out pile installations of various types and diameters to elevate and stabilise the foundation. Our other remedial works for foundation include construction of ground beams and pile caps and underpinning and augmenting existing foundation and footings.

Concrete cancer, concrete spalling and other types of concrete defects are also covered under our services. We implement the best solutions whether the concrete is chipped, cracked, falling off or water ingress into the concrete has corroded the steel reinforcements. Our services include large scale repairs using micro-concrete, shotcrete repairs using wet and dry spray techniques, application of protective coatings, migrating corrosion inhibitors, infusion of penetrants such as siloxane and silane and installation of galvanic and induced current CP systems.

Water proofing
Cladding Replacement

Fire safety solutions

Structial offers services to maintain and upgrade building fire safety systems. We upgrade fire hydraulic systems and install fireproof doors and windows, smoke detectors, fire alarms and more. Our services also include fire sealing of penetrations and creating fire separations for roof spaces, walls, and ceilings.

Why Structial?

Structial is capable of managing projects of all sizes and scales including complex projects. We carry out remedial works for both residential and commercial buildings and also have immense experience in hazardous industries such as mines and power stations.

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