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Structial Strengthening


A building’s structure can weaken due to age, weather, poor workmanship or use of the wrong materials.

We routinely undertake structural strengthening for a variety of reasons such as repairs, upgrades or change of use purposes.

Commonly our work involves:

  • The application of carbon fibre laminates, fabric and rods
  • Pile wrapping encasement systems
  • Underpinning and augmentation of existing foundations and footings including jacking and grout injection
  • Structural steel strengthening systems
  • Strengthening and repair of brickwork and blockwork structures including repointing, replacement of deteriorated brick and block
  • Proprietary helical masonry ties
Structial Team

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Our team has worked together for over 30 years in the remedial construction sector meaning we are able to plan and execute complex projects in live environments quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to occupants.

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