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Concrete Repairs

Comprehensive Set of Remedial Building Services in Hunter Valley

There are multiple kinds of issues which can plague a building. Whether it is water ingress leading to damp walls and subsequent mould growth, concrete cancer, foundation damages or structural deterioration, the services of a professional company specialising in building remedial services is necessary. Remedial procedures are complex and need to be carried out by trained and experienced professionals only.

Structial is the most suitable option for people seeking Remedial Building Services Hunter Valley. We implement the best remedial solutions for a number of building issues right from facade and waterproofing problems to concrete and foundation damage. We have successfully undertaken numerous complex building remedial projects over the years.

Concrete Repair Services

Concrete can undergo degradation over a period of time due to exposure to chemicals, carbon dioxide and environmental elements. Degraded concrete can develop cracks and pieces of concrete can even start chipping away from the surface. Water ingress in degraded concrete can cause rusting of the steel reinforcements, leading to depletion of the structural strength of the building. Thus, repairing degraded concrete is an essential part of building remedial services.

Structial offers the best Remedial Building Services Hunter Valley, for example; concrete repairs. Concrete spalling is repaired using the correct materials such as cement or epoxy and adhesion agent to improve bonding. Steel bars are replaced in case of very deep concrete spalling. Micro concrete is used for large scale repairs while both wet and dry spray techniques are used for shotcrete repairs.

Protective coatings are also applied on the concrete surface to protect it against external elements. Other concrete services include migrating corrosion inhibitors, infusion of penetrants such as siloxane and silane and installation of galvanic and induced current CP systems on the concrete.

Water proofing
Cladding Replacement

Building Facade Services

The exterior of a building is called its facade. Structial repairs and protects the facades of the buildings suffering or facing the risk of water damage. We can install or upgrade modern cladding systems to protect the facades against water damage.

The old or damaged cladding systems are removed and replaced with upgraded cladding systems.

Waterproofing Services

Structial installs waterproofing systems over a number of structures associated with buildings such as retaining walls, septic tanks, roof and bridge decks, car parks and more. We offer installation of waterproofing systems. These include sheet membranes, liquid-applied membranes, torch-on membranes and spray-applied polyureas.

Other Services

Structial offers many other building remedial services such as foundation repairs and strengthening, structural repairs and strengthening, crack repair and stabilisation and fire safety upgrades.

Choose Structial for Your Remedial Building Services

Structial provides high-grade building remedial services for both residential and commercial buildings. It is also well versed with remedial services for complex infrastructure used in mines and power stations.

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