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Concrete Repairs

Professional Repair and Restoration Services for Buildings in Sydney

Buildings tend to develop a number of problems over the years due to external elements and general wear and tear. These include but are not limited to structural flaws, foundation problems, water ingress issues, concrete damage, cladding damage, stone and brickwork damage and loss ofwaterproofing. Expert repairs are required to eliminate such building issues. Remodelling and refurbishment of old and worn-out buildings are also high on demand toprevent costly repairs. Repair and restoration come under remedial building services.

Structial is the best option for building owners seeking Remedial Builders Sydney. This company offers a full set of remedial services for buildings such as foundation repairs, concrete repairs, structural repairs, waterproofing, fire safety systems upgrades and more. A team of skilled workmen and project managers successfully carry out remedial operations of any size or complexity.

Facade Repairs

Structial carries out facade repairs to improve the aesthetics of the building. Facades tend to suffer from water damage due to deterioration of its cladding system. This company upgrades the cladding system or removes the old cladding system and replaces it with a new one.

Design and installation of over-cladding systems and construction of over-cladding structures also come among the facade services offered by Structial.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete can develop a number of problems such as spalling and cracking due to exposure to weather elements or chemicals and movement of the building or general wear and tear. Issues with the concrete lead to pieces of concrete breaking off and damaging the property or causing injuries to the people. Water ingress into weakened concrete leads to rusting of the steel reinforcements of the building.

Structial carries out extensive concrete repair and restoration operations. The concrete services include large scale concrete repairs using micro-concrete, wet and dry spray techniques for shotcrete repairs, migrating corrosion inhibitors, application of protective coatings and infusion of penetrants such as siloxane and silane.

Water proofing
Cladding Replacement

Foundation Repairs and Restoration

Foundation is a crucial component of a building and it must be in the best possible condition to assure the structural integrity of the building. There are many indications of a weak foundation such as water intrusion after rainfall, cracks in the drywall, gaps in the trimwork, difficulty in opening the doors and windows and more.

Structial Remedial Builders Sydney specialise in repairing and strengthening the foundation. Its services include construction of ground beams and pile caps, installation of piles of various diameters and materials and underpinning and augmenting existing foundation and footings.

Structural Services

Structial carries out repairs or upgrading operations to restore the structural strength of weakened or damaged buildings. The services include installation of new steel strengthening systems, application of carbon fibre laminates, rods and fabric, pile wrapping encasement systems and helical masonry ties.


Structial offers its services for both residential buildings such as apartments and commercial buildings such as hotels and shopping complexes. It also specialises in remedial services for mine infrastructure.

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