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Wide range of high-end building remediation services in Sydney

Buildings tend to develop a number of issues related to structural strength, waterproofing, foundation and more due to wear and tear caused by age or exposure to the elements. Remediation services for buildings comprise of repairs, upgrading, restoration and preventive maintenance works which restore or enhance the integrity of the building. Regardless of whether the building is afflicted with concrete cancer, latent defects, structural damages or water ingress issues, hiring the services of remedial builders is necessary to prevent costly repairs and protect the inhabitants of the building.

Structial Builders Private Limited is a leading remedial builder specialising in a plethora of remedial and rehabilitation operations for buildings. We offer a host of services including foundation repairs, structural repairs and upgrading, facade repairs and Concrete Cancer Repair Sydney. In addition, we also improve the fire safety standards of buildings by upgrading the fire safety systems.

Facade Services

The facade of a building can crack, chip or lean due to water damage, poor maintenance or aging. Structial implements repair solutions to improve the quality and aesthetics of the building facade. We also upgrade the aesthetic and functional features of the facade with modern elements.

Our services also include removal of old and deteriorated cladding systems and installation of new cladding systems. We also design and construct lightweight over-cladding systems to provide additional protection to the buildings against water damage.

Concrete Services

Concrete Cancer is caused by water ingress into degraded concrete which causes rusting of the steel reinforcements inside the concrete slabs, thereby leading to cracking and spalling characterised by large chunks of concrete detaching and falling off. Building movements can also cause concrete cancer.

Structial offers the best services for Concrete Cancer Repair Sydney. We carry out large scale repairs using micro-concrete and shotcrete repairs through both wet and dry methods. Moreover, we thoroughly repair concrete spalling. Our services also include preventive measures to ensure the integrity of the concrete surfaces. The methods include application of protective coatings, migrating corrosion inhibitors and infusion of penetrants such as siloxane and silane.

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Cladding Replacement

Structural Services

The structural strength of buildings get impaired due to aging, weather elements or poor workmanship. Structial carries out extensive repairs for restoring the structural integrity of such buildings. We also upgrade the structural strength of buildings for any reason such as change of purpose.

Our operations commonly involve repair, replacement and repairing of brickwork and blockwork structures, installation of steel strengthening systems, use of pile wrapping encasement systems and application of carbon fibre laminates, fabric, and rods.

Fire Protection Services

Structial upgrades the building’s fire protection systems to conform to the legal regulations and best practices. Our services include upgrades of fire extinguishers/sprinklers/hydrants, installation of smoke detectors, fire alarms and emergency lights, installation of fire rated doors and windows and application of fire sealing penetrants.

Why choose Structial?

Structial has a large team comprising of skilled and experienced labour and technically competent project managers and administrative staff. We provide our services for both residential and commercial buildings including industries.


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