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Buildings are designed to last a long time but it does not mean that they are immune to damages and general wear and tear. A building can develop a number of problems due to weather elements, passage of years leading to weakening of the materials used in its construction or due to natural disasters such as earthquake or floods. Regardless of the type of issue affecting a building, it is imperative to hire the services of trained, licensed, and experienced professionals only for carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Structial Building Private Limited is a leading company offering Building Repair Sydney. It specialises in a host of building repair services to rectify problems associated with various components of a building such as concrete, foundation, walls, waterproofing and more. Fire safety systems for buildings are also installed, repaired, and upgraded by this company.

Suite of Building Repair Services

Structial has a comprehensive set of services for Building Repair Sydney. The building repair services restore deteriorating or damaged buildings. The types of building repairs carried out include the following

  • Damaged facades are repaired and upgraded. Deteriorating cladding systems of the facades are removed and new cladding systems are constructed. Over-cladding structures are also constructed to improve waterproofing
  • Concrete repairs are carried out to rejuvenate damaged or deteriorating concrete. Large scale concrete repairs are carried out using micro-concrete while shotcrete repairs are carried out using wet and dry spray techniques. Protective coatings are also applied on the concrete to prevent damage by chemicals and environmental factors
  • Structural strengths of weakened buildings are augmented. A number of procedures such as application of carbon fibre laminates/rods/fabric, repairing and strengthening of brickwork and blockwork structures, use of steel strengthening systems and more are used for this purpose
  • Foundation repairs and strengthening through pile installations, construction of ground beams, caps and more
  • Crack repair and stabilisation, replacements of doors and windows, retro fitting wall ties, roofing and re-roofing, balustrade removal and replacement, cavity wall flashing and lintel replacement.
  • Waterproofing of internal and external wet areas by installing a host of waterproof membranes such as liquid applied membranes, spray-applied polyureas, sheet membranes and torch-on membranes
Water proofing
Cladding Replacement

Fire Safety Services

Fire protection system is not only important from the safety perspective but also a legal requirement for buildings. Structial repairs faulty fire protection systems and also upgrades old and outdated systems to modern versions.

The wide range of fire safety services include fire sealing of penetrations, installing fire and smoke detectors/alarms/emergency lighting, upgrading of fire hydraulic systems such as hydrants, extinguishers, sprinklers and fire hose reels, installing fire rated doors and windows and fire separation for walls, ceilings and roof spaces.


Structial offers its services for both residential buildings such as housing complexes and commercial buildings such as mining installations, power stations, hotels, hospitals and much more.

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