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Buildings have a number of structures such as foundation, beams, facade, walls and more which can get damaged or wear out over a period of time. Damaged or worn out buildings pose a threat to its inhabitants and the surrounding area, thereby necessitating urgent repairs. It is imperative to hire only a reputed building repair company to ensure that the building is restored properly.

Structial is the best choice for people seeking Building Repair Companies Sydney. It offers a wide range of building repair services covering a host of issues impacting foundation, concrete, structural integrity, cladding, waterproofing and more. Fire safety systems for buildings are also installed and upgraded by this company.

Structural Repairs

Structural strength of a building can reducedue to deterioration caused by aging and weather or natural calamities. Structural repairs to improve the integrity of the building is required in such cases.

Structial carries out comprehensive operations to restore or upgrade the structural strength of a building. Various methods used for the same include use of structural steel strengthening systems, application of carbon fibre laminates, fabric and rods, repair or replacement of deteriorated or damaged brickwork or blockwork, use of pile wrapping encasement systems and more.

Foundation Repairs and Strengthening

Foundation of a building can suffer damage or deteriorate due to a number of reasons such as shifting of soil caused by water ingress. There are many signs of foundation damage such as cracks in the walls, uneven floors, windows leaning out, doors and windows notshutting properly, gap between foundation and wall and more.

Structial specialises in repairing damaged foundations and strengthening weakened foundations. Pile installation is carried out to stabilise an unstable foundation. Multiple types of piles such as steel screw piles, CFA, conventional bored piles and more are installed. Other foundation services include construction of ground beams and pile caps and underpinning and augmenting existing foundation and footings.

Water proofing
Cladding Replacement


There are multiple structures associated with a building which need waterproofing. These include septic tank, walls, roof, internal wet areas and car park. Loss of waterproofing leads to weakening of such structures along with rotting and mould growth.

Structial restores the waterproofing of any structure. A number of advanced waterproofing systems such as liquid applied membranes, sheet membranes, spray applied polyureas and torch-on membranes are offered by this company.

Fire Safety Services

Structial is among the best Building Repair Companies Sydney for fire safety as well. It upgrades outdated fire hydraulic systems and also installs advanced smoke and fire detectors and alarms. The fire safety services also include installations of fireproof doors and windows, fire sealing of penetrations and fireproofing of ceilings, walls and roof spaces.


Structial provides its services for buildings belonging to both residential and commercial categories such as residential apartments, hotels, hospitals, mines, power stations and more.

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