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Specialised Remedial Services for Buildings in the Hunter Valley

Defects can develop in a building over a period of time due to environmental factors or natural calamities such as storms, earthquakes and others. These include water ingress issues, foundation problems, concrete damages and loss of structural integrity and stability. Remedial building services rectify such buildings by eliminating the various defects, thereby restoring the buildings to perfect conditions.

Structial is among the leading Building Repair Companies Hunter Valley which is specialised in carrying out remedial works. It offers a plethora of building remedial services such as structural strengthening, foundation repairs, concrete repairs, waterproofing and general building repairs. Services pertaining to fire safety systems are also offered by this company.

Structural Services

Structural strength and integrity of a building can get compromised due to a number of factors such as aging, weather elements, poor quality materials and more. A weakened building poses a threat to its inhabitants and the people living in its surroundings. Thus, such kind of building needs urgent structural repairs.

Structial is one of the best Building Repair Companies Hunter Valley to restore the structural strength and integrity of deteriorating buildings. The services not only cover structural repairs but also structural strength enhancement operations to upgrade the building’s purpose.

A plethora of operations are carried out for restoration or upgrading of structural strength. These include installation of structural steel strengthening systems, application of carbon fibre laminates, rods and fabric, repair or replacement of brickwork and blockwork structures and use of pile wrapping encasement systems and helical masonry ties.

Water proofing
Cladding Replacement

Foundation Services

Damages are caused to the foundations of buildings by water ingress, earthquake, flooding and more. The movements caused in the foundation due to water or any other reason leads to damages and subsequent impairment of the building’s stability. There are many signs of foundation damage such as bulging or uneven or cracked flooring, misaligned doors and windows, cracked walls and more.

Structial offers comprehensive repair services for foundations. Pile installations of various types such as conventional bored piles, steel screw piles and more are carried out to support unstable foundations. Multi point jacking is employed to lift the foundations while grout injection method is used to fill the cracks or gaps in the foundations. Other foundation services include construction of ground beams and pile caps and underpinning and augmenting existing foundations.

Fire Safety Services

The fire protection system of a building must be in perfect condition and should not be old and obsolete. Structial offers comprehensive services to ensure fire protection for buildings. Its fire safety services include installation of fire rated doors and windows, installation of fire alarm equipment such as fire detectors and emergency lighting, fire sealing of penetrations and upgrading of fire extinguisher systems.


Structial offers long term remedial solutions for the buildings. The expert team of this company is well versed with every kind of minor and major operations associated with building remedial services.

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