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Remedial building services refer to specialised corrective procedures required to rectify various types of defects in buildings. There are many types of building issues such as structural defects, concrete cancer or spalling, foundation problems, water ingress issues, fire safety defects and more which necessitate urgent remedial operations. Remedial building works are complex in nature, hence it is imperative to hire the services of a company having the necessary expertise and experience in this field.

Structial is a leading provider of Building Remediation Services Sydney. We are well equipped with the required skilled labour, technical knowhow and other resources to provide the best building remedial solutions for all kinds of defects and issues. Whether it is structural strengthening or foundation repairs or concrete repairs, we implement high-end solutions with ease. Our services also include fire safety upgrading of buildings.

Foundation and Structural services

Foundation damage threatens the stability and integrity of a building. There are many signs of foundation damage such as doors and windows which do not open and close properly, cracks in drywall, gaps in the trim work, uneven floors and more. Structial carries out comprehensive foundation repairs to restore it to its original state. Our foundation services include steel or helical pier or pile installation of all diameters to stabilise the foundation, construction of ground beams and pile caps and underpinning and augmenting existing foundation and footings.

Structial carries out structural strengthening operations for buildings due to a number of reasons such as weakening caused by age/weather/poor materials, change in purpose of the building or simply the need to upgrade the strength of the building. Our services include installation of steel strengthening systems, repair or replacement of damaged or deteriorated brickwork or blockwork structures, use of pile wrapping encasement systems and application of carbon fibre laminates, fabric and rods.

Concrete and Waterproofing services

Structial offers best Building Remediation Services Sydney for rectifying issues associated with concrete as well. Concrete gets degraded due to weather elements, chemicals or passage of time. As a result, issues such as concrete cancer and concrete spalling arise. The damaged concrete can break into chunks and pose a threat to the inhabitants of the building. Water ingress through the damaged concrete can corrode the steel reinforcements. We provide a host of concrete remedial services including large scale concrete repairs using micro concrete, shotcrete repairs using wet and dry spray techniques, application of protective coatings on the concrete surface and migrating corrosion inhibitors.

Structial installs a number of modern waterproofing systems over multiple surfaces prone to water ingress such as septic tanks, retaining walls, internal wet areas, car parks and more. The waterproofing systems include sheet membranes, liquid-applied membranes, torch-on membranes and spray-applied polyureas.

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Structial is not only proficient in building remedial solutions for residential and commercial buildings but also for sensitive industrial infrastructure such as mines and power stations. We have a highly skilled team of project managers to oversee our operations.

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