Rill Tower Concrete Repairs

Rill Tower Concrete Repairs, Centennial Coal

  • PROJECT NAME: Rill Tower Concrete Repairs
  • Location: Lithgow, NSW
  • PROJECT VALUE: $172k
  • PROJECT TYPE: Mining – Infrastructure - Remedial

Structial’s Hunter Valley crew headed south in September to complete a shutdown project at Centennial Coal’s Springvale colliery just outside of Lithgow. With two teams working round the clock, major concrete repairs, using Bluey Australia HB55, were completed to the rill tower which, after almost 30 years of continuous operation, was definitely in need of some TLC. Continuous erosion of the concrete surfaces by the coal flowing through the tower had exposed areas of reinforcement which were then subject to further impact damage by the dozers working on the clean coal pad. Detailed planning and superb execution by the project team provided the right outcome. The job was finished on time and to the required standard with nil safety incidents. Great work HV team.